Yoga One serves Alexandria area and the surrounding communities. We are an inclusive welcoming space for you to discover and explore (your) Yoga! We provide a 2,600 square foot space for you to develop your practice. At Yoga One we bring yoga to your lifestyle. Whether you are a performance athlete, working parent or student, looking to diversify your current routine or are just starting out in working with your body, we at Yoga One will meet you there. 


Here at Yoga One the root of all we offer starts with the breath.

An opportunity to connect with the basics.  

The possibility of awakening into our body & experience, with mindfulness &  authenticity. 

We offer a range of class styles, levels of accessibility, modifications, and private lessons, to help you achieve your unique goals.  We do our best to keep your body healthy and safe while still navigating with you through your limitations in order to break barriers  and achieve your personal success & satisfaction. Staying grounded in the basics yet keeping it fresh, we believe when you make that genuine connection to yourself and your breath on the mat, it will make a difference in your body and in your life.

With the idea of being safe, fun and welcoming to all, we hope to make our studio a neutral space.  We aim to use neutral terms and inclusive values with the opportunity to reach people from all walks of life. Therefore, if there is any content otherwise, we will do our best to have it clearly labeled in the class description. We strive to take the mystery out and make it accessible to questions and your own experience.