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Cathy Weber-Zunker is a trained hypnotherapist with an office in Alexandria. She trained at the Academy for Professional Hypnosis in Sedona, Arizona under the highly regarded Mary Elizabeth Raines. She is a member of the National Guild of Hypnosis. In addition she has trained with award winning Terrance Watts with the Essex Institute becoming one of the few in the US who are educated in BWRT (Brain Works Recursive Therapy). Under the supervision of Terrance Watts she has also taken advanced training in General Anxiety Disorder, as well as his specific protocol for smoking cessation.

Cathy is the author of, Travels on the Yellow Brick Road; Lessons Learned on the Path to Oz. During her years in public speaking she created a booklet called, Creating a Eulogy, a self-help guide. She also has one CD and an audio recording of her presentation, Never Let a Good Thing Go Unsaid. Her next book, soon to be finished is called, The Beach I Walk On; Stories From the Heart.