Yoga One Weekly/Mo Schedule

Drop in rate $15. Feel free to drop into any class. No membership or registration needed (for weekly class schedule classes). 


7:30a Gentle Flow Yoga Jenny Starts Jan 22 (Ends Feb 22)

3:30-4:45p Beg. Vinyasa Elsa

5:10-6:45p Level 1 Vinyasa Elsa

7-8p Mindfulness Meditation Elsa

Dharma talk 2nd Monday of every mo. 7pm 


7:30a Warrior Flow Jenny (Ends Feb22)

5:10-6:35p Beg. Vinyasa Elsa


8:30-9:45a Faithful Flow Pamela Shannon 6 week rotation (Contains Religious Content) 

10-11:30a Yin Instructor on rotation 

5:10-6:15pm Goddess Yoga Jenny (Ends Feb22)

6:30-7:30 Barre Fusion Shannon


9-10:15a Power Flow Shannon (Starts Jan 25th)

12-1p Beg. Vinyasa Elsa

3:30-4:45p level 1 Vinyasa Elsa

5:10-6:35p Yin Elsa


9-10a Barre Shannon

5:10-6:45p TGIF Flow L1-2 Elsa

 ~Sat./Sun. Open by Class or Workshop times Only. For weekend workshop dates & times  check events page for happenings.

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