Mindfulness Meditation


Thurs 6:15-7:15pm


    Embrace the present moment through breathing!  This is a modern mindfulness meditation technique. At Yoga One we love the science that supports this awesome practice. Learn and practice meditation. Experiment with mindfulness meditation and its effects in your life. For old and new students, no experience required.

There will always be an availability at the start or end of our practice to explore and ask questions about what we are learning. For more information check out Elsa's teacher bio or contact us.


Vinyasa w/ Elsa

New Mon 3:30-4:45

TUES 6:35-7:50pm  Beginner Intro/l1 

Thurs 9-10:30amLevel 1/2 

New 12:00-1:00 beginner/ L1 

3:30-4:45 *Note time change Beginner/ Intro Flow 

FRI 3-4:30 PM LEVEL1 &  5:10-6:45 PM  L 1-2


Faster pace, aerobic. Promotes deep and natural breathing. Also sometimes referred to as "flow", or "power" yoga. These & other popular descriptive terminologies are variations of, and are referring to, a movement based practice. The word 'Vinyasa' describes a sequence of postures in relationship to one another and the breath.  Although her roots are in Ashtanga yoga, Elsa does not work strictly with the 'primary  series'.

(These are movement based classes. Alignment is the foundation and will be incorporated and emphasized.)

"Breath is the focus, guiding the movement." ~Elsa YOGA ONE

  • Note - Please refer to the F.A.Q. for a description of class levels. This will help you to choose a class that is right for you.

Pilates W/ Britta 


Wed 6:30-7:15pm

Pilates is a series of slow and controlled movements, with mindful purpose, designed to strengthen our core and improve every day movements. Every exercise incorporates these five principles:

Concentration-to create a mind body connection Centering-to focus on every movement coming from the core                                                  Control-allowing mindful awareness to complete each movement                                              Breath-To understand that in our breathing each movement is intensified.                                              Precision-knowing that every movement has a purpose.                                                               Flow-to create balance, grace and ease,the way our bodies are meant to move

Pilates exercises are the foundation for any movement we make improving circulation energy coordination flexibility and back pain. Also reducing stress learning proper deep breathing




Hoping to add this dynamic dance workout soon!


Yin Yoga


Tues 5:1o-6:25pm


This class is a long, slow, deep style of yoga done on the floor that targets the connective tissues, ligaments, and joints, generally in the hips, pelvis and spine. It enhances flexibility, range of motion, and allows for stillness of the mind. While initially this style of yoga may seem passive, or soft, yin practice can be quite challenging due to the long duration of the poses. Posture are held for 3-10 minutes to help rejuvenate and recondition the tissue and allow the body to reach greater depths in a pose.

Yin is a perfect complement to more vigorous styles of yoga or any athletic workout which generally emphasize internal heat and the lengthening and contracting of our muscles. It is suitable for all levels - no prior experience is required.

Please note: Yin Yoga is not restorative yoga. Like all yoga practices, if the tissues you are targeting for exercise are damaged in some way, please give yourself a chance to heal before resuming your regular practice.


Prenatal Yoga



Prenatal Yoga  Hoping to be able to offer again soon! Please contact us and we are happy to modify for you in the classes we can, or give tips on which classes would be best to participate in.

We have a passion to be able to offer classes catered specifically to moms pre and postnatal, and can't wait to offer them again soon! 

Nurturing you & your baby through safe movement. 

Breath & Body w/ Jennifer 

(Teacher in training price $10 per class)

Tuesday Chair  8:45-9:45am

SimplyYoga 12-1pm

Wednesday 3:30-4:45pm B&B     Thursday  2:00-3:15 B&B 5:10-6:10pm Simply Yoga

  Friday 12:00-1:00 Level 1



Recommended to new & old students alike, these introductory classes provide an opportunity to explore your body's potential & personal limit through breath centered movements. 

A deeper, three-part breath is emphasized within a longer, single-pose focus. Holding for 2-5 breaths each pose this is Simply Yoga that gently heats and moves the body. A meditative yoga for anyone.

Simply yoga helps us to move mindfully.  Together we explore our range of motion in each pose with  breath leading the movement. A slower paced class that helps us integrate into a higher state of wellbeing while releasing daily tension.  All are welcome.

Faithful Flow W/Pamela

*this class contains religious content.

  Fri 8:45-10am



A *Christian faith based class incorporates Biblical scripture and prayer into the physical practice of yoga. Sharing the experience of God’s Presence through the practice of yoga in a faith community.  It is a time of prayer, a time of worship, a time to simply be present with God in a new way, and experience an increased sense of God’s Presence in the midst of our busy lives.  'A faith-based yoga practice allows us to find inner stillness in order to connect to and hear the voice of God, while also caring for the health of the physical body.' ~Pamela 

Each  practice opens with scripture and meditation where we come to stillness, allowing us to hear the voice of God.  “Be still and know that I am.” (Psalm 46:10). Christian music will be incorporated. In the physical practice, we move into a flowing sequence of postures to create a moving, devotional, worship experience, celebrating the union we have with God.  "We connect with the breath of life that fills us with God’s spirit."  The flow and moving meditation of the practice enables each student to develop strength, flexibility, body awareness, and to connect with God with an open, clear mind. The practice ends with quiet floor work, a devotional, and a closing prayer. "This is an amazing way to connect our faith with all parts of our lives, leaving the mat more centered and able to carry that connection with us throughout our day."


Chair Yoga w/Jen




Chair yoga is a gentle form of yoga that is practiced sitting on a chair or standing using a chair for support. A chair yoga student may be unable to participate in a traditional yoga class due to the effects of limited mobility. However, Chair yoga is a great practice for anyone, as it deepens flexibility and strengthens personal body awareness.

Classes use the chair only, making it a perfect practice for those who have difficulty getting down or back up from the floor.    Chair yoga is accessible to students who are new to yoga as well as those with physical challenges. Chair is beneficial for increasing mobility, building muscular strength and improving balance and endurance.   New students are always Welcome. Would you like to join us this week?



Restorative Gentle yoga W/Mary Jane 

Held as series to see interest, so come! if there is interest we may add to weekly schedule! 

Wed 10:30-12



   Revitalize the body by increasing circulation to the organs and calming the nervous system through breathing exercises. A deeply relaxing, restorative class. 

No Stress, Lots of Support = Complete Relaxation… This class is gentle and moves very slow, often holding postures for 5 to 15 minutes.  With the use of blocks, bolsters and blankets this class will allow for deep release, returning balance to your body and peace to your mind. 

Class may include yoga nidra, or guided meditation to enhance the total relaxation experience. Sanskrit words may be used.

Class size may be limited so feel free to register.