Introduction to Healing with Crystals

For many of us, we have a deep desire and need to better understand the world around us. We are surrounded by living things – trees, flowers, plants, and, yes, rocks. Rocks or Crystals contain energy that can be used for self-healing and guidance. Connect with others and expand your knowledge of what crystals can do for you.



Debra Quarles is a native of Minnesota, born in Minneapolis. As a teenager, she relocated to the lake region of Alexandria, MN, but then soon began her traveling ways. She has now returned having spent much of her life in Jackson Hole, Wyoming; Seattle, Washington; and Phoenix, Arizona. Learning the ways of healing and wellbeing along the way, Debra can help whether you need a life coach, or a spiritual or crystal healer. She has spent more than 20 years working with individuals and small groups to enhance their experience in the world. Check out her website to learn more.

The Workshop

This 3-hour course will include:

 How to choose, cleanse, charge and care for your crystals

 How to utilize crystals in conjunction with meditation to open chakras

 How to choose your healing crystals and the ways to use them for personal healing

 How to make Amethyst and other Gem Waters (sample provided) for an internal cleansing. Participants will participate in two Shamanic journeys or meditations, will meet with guide(s) and will have time to journal their experiences.

Debra, along with Michelle Lehn of Living Tree Massage are the masterminds behind the Nature of the Soul gatherings in Alexandria. Each month they work to put together an evening of awakening and meditation. These gatherings were put together with the intention of creating a space in Alex, and the surrounding community, for like minded people to get together learn grow and share and get to know one another. Feel free to join us there. Click the links for more info. 

Register for this event by contacting Debra at 623-203-5141,