Into the Soul

A Five Elements Yoga Flow, Cacao Ceremony, & Sacred Drumming


Explore the fusion of the ancient internal practices of Yoga and Shamanism. Yoga, union with the Divine, and Shamanism, interaction with the spirit world, both are practices traditionally designed to lead us to the direct flow of wisdom. 

Last time here at YogaOne…..

Last time here at YogaOne…..

The Experience

We begin the class with a cup of Sacred Cacao to connect us to Spirit and to help expand our Heart Chakra (30 min). We then use the ancient teachings of Nature's Five Elements for this intense and transformational yoga practice (90 min). Our experience will be deepened by the constant thread of Sacred Sounds performed live.

Guided by the cycles of the Five Elements, we will embody the energies of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether. As we become each of these elements, we will learn valuable lessons that will allow us to reveal our passions, to shift perceptions, and to dream our world into being. You will leave the practice feeling spiritually cleansed, emotionally empowered, and expansive....ready to live life the life that wants to live in you! Now is the time to reveal yourself to yourself. As the Hopi Elders stated: “We are the ones that we’ve been waiting for.”

Our Guide(s)

Amy is a Birth Doula, Yoga Teacher, and Spiritual Guide. She walks the Earth with gentleness, courage, and self knowledge. As a Lightworker, Amy is humbly devoted to the basic goodness of human life and radiates that goodness out into the world for the peace and sanity of others. Her calm, nurturing nature and playful spirit support students on their journey of self-discovery and transformation. Her presence as a healer embodies qualities of mother, sister, and best friend. Through simple, creative sequencing, she creates a welcoming environment for students to explore their bodies, their voices, and their spiritual presence. She is inspired by her own practice of nine years where she has laid her yoga mat and bright spirit on top of mountains in Spain, on sidewalks in Italy, and inside numerous hostels around the world. Amy is fascinated by the ancient practices of Shamanism and Zen and has a deep love for plants and the wisdom of Nature. When Amy is not teaching yoga, you can find her in the kitchen cooking wholesome meals, walking around the lakes, and shakin’ her booty to some good bluegrass music. She is committed to a lifelong practice of healing and transformation.


Follow Amy on  Instagram  or  Facebook

Follow Amy on Instagram or Facebook

Kimberly Hofner ( RYT 300, Reiki Master, Musician. She will be guiding us in sacred sound throughout the Journey .

Kimberly Hofner ( RYT 300, Reiki Master, Musician. She will be guiding us in sacred sound throughout the Journey .

The Medicine 

  • Cacao is a heart-centered, spirit medicine. It aids in any transformational shift you are working toward, whether you are looking to deepen your understanding of who you are, release old patterns and traumas, or move into a more self-confident space. Whatever your path, the intention is yours to set, and the cacao allows you to use the insight and awareness to move toward that goal.

  • A Cacao ceremony is an experience in multidimensional group energy. Cacao works with you where you are, and with the ceremonial facilitator through where they are. Cacao opens the door, but doesn’t push you through it. A major advantage of ceremonial Cacao is that it makes it much easier to deeply access one’s emotional body, pain body, or density on the dark shadow side. Cacao allows you to go considerably deeper into meditation and self-healing than possible without the medicine. It also helps you gain understandings that lead toward more permanent changes. Cacao is a heart-centered anchor that takes you where you’re going with more love and less fear.

  • Benefits of Cacao: Cacao has an ancient origin and was revered as a divine food. Incas referred to raw Cacao as the “food of the gods.” For thousands of years, the Incas and Mayans of Mesoamerica have used Cacao as a food, a medicine, a currency, and as a part of sacred ceremonies. This amazing superfood is a heart opener. The flavonoids contained in the Cacao improve blood circulation and it may protect against heart problems and may lower blood pressure naturally. It also contains the “Bliss Molecule” anandamide, which is a mood improver, creating a feeling of euphoria. The “Love Chemical” phenylethylamine triggers the natural release of endorphins and opiate-like neurochemicals. It acts as an MAO inhibitor which allows more serotonin to circulate in the brain.


  • Raw Cacao has been discovered as the HIGHEST antioxidant food in the world --15 times the antioxidants as wild blueberries and 20 times the antioxidants as green tea. It is also the highest natural source of iron and magnesium, manganese, and chromium of any major food in the world. These minerals are important for blood building and de-stressing. These minerals also aid in balancing your mood and suppressing your appetite.


  • Contraindications: Because of the authentic variety of cacao, which is significantly more potent, and the amount consumed in the ceremonial dose, there are a few contraindications to be aware of:

    • Prescription Anti-depressants: Those that use MAO inhibitors to treat depression are contraindicated with chocolate. Check your meds to see if this is the case. These tend to be less common nowadays.

    • Serious Heart Conditions: cacao increases heart rate and is a vasodilator, so be careful if you have a serious heart condition.

    • Pregnant or breastfeeding: Go with a lower dose. Cacao is a stimulant so about 1 ounce is enough (2/3 Ceremonial dose).

The effects of cacao can be felt best on an empty stomach. Please try not to eat for 2 hours before our time together. You will feel best during the asana series if your body is not working hard on digesting.


  • Shamanic drumming and cacao can bring up emotions or traumas to be nurtured and healed.

  • Cacao has a stimulating effect on the body, Theobromine is described as a ‘weak stimulant’, and with the increased blood flow, participants are likely to feel an energy boost.

  • Participants choose how much cacao they will drink. They are welcome to attend the workshop and choose NOT to drink any cacao at all. Please advise the studio in advance if you plan NOT to drink cacao.

  • Cacao will be prepared vegan.