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Emotional Hygiene – As Important as Physical Hygiene

This will be a three hour workshop at Yoga One. 1:00 pm start time.  Cost for this three hour event is $30. 

Kathilyn will be available for private in person sessions in Alexandria Jan 18th and Feb 6th. Kathilyn@gmail.com 612-250-1968

In service to creative & healing arts, Kathilyn Solomon has worked as practitioner and teacher of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) tapping since 2003, is one of 28 master practitioners in the world certified through Tina Craig and Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology. She also certified as advanced practitioner w/Association for Advancement of Meridian Therapy, and holds EFT L1, L2, and Cert-1, and F-EFT L2. Kat is trained in other holistic and soma therapies, including herbalist, mentored w/Matthew Wood, Spring Forest Qi Gong, Interplay, Intuitive Development w/Renee Brown, NLP-EFT, Cranio-Sacral, and more. Currently she participates in a collegial group with Gary Craig, EFT founder, regarding Optimal EFT (she is a student of Gary Craig’s O-EFT at emofree.com). Author of new book: Tapping Into Wellness: Using EFT to Clear Emotional and Physical Pain and Illness. More about Kathilyn, her storycredentials & full bio, click links. 

EFT is considered an energy psychology or meridian therapy that works with the mind, body, body’s energy system, and the quantum field. EFT is used to address and collapse emotional, physical and performance-based challenges.

Here, we’ll experience how EFT works, the science behind it, and how to:

· Use EFT to release stress, anxiety, phobia, pain, binge-eating, low self esteem, relationship issues, and far more and feel really good! 

Get a good feel for how EFT works, experience it personally with hands-on tapping, and gain an understanding how you use it to aim at every-day stressors or challenges in your life. You will also learn how trauma from the past can be interfering with a present-day goal, how you might be playing out an unresolved emotional event from your past in your today life, and how that can look, and why it often seems that “it’s never about what it seems to be about.” This promises to be what I call an “emotional spa,” and we’ll enjoy ourselves while releasing our stress. In addition to our tapping, we’ll reset our stress buttons, enjoy simple body-mind- heart opening movement, maybe some song (or maybe I’ll just sing) and set some intentions for the future. Join me! ~Kathilyn

· Aim EFT at a memory, limiting belief, or troubling repetitive thought pattern· Shift your mindset · Aim at physical challenges including acute or chronic illness and disease · Understand how anxiety, self sabotage, binge-eating, many types pf physical challenges are symptoms and how to uncover what’s holding them in place. · Get specific to uncover core events and the origins to challenges you are facing today · Integrate the tapping tool into your life, with your family, in your work· Explore the concept of family of origin issues and how to address and resolve, gaining awareness of how to work with haunting bad memories· Working with a practitioner – how to find a trustworthy, effective one · Experience tapping – stress relief.