Mantra & malas

With Elsa Wadsworth and Allison Wittmer 



The practice of 'Japa' Japa mala, or Japa meditation, Japa yoga, are will be carefully explained and taught in this class. Japa is the repetition of a sound or mantra with the use of "prayer" beads or mala. This takes us into a practice that is opening us into the world of bhakti yoga, a form of devotional practices, that have a vast expression. A common western japa practice would be that of the Catholic rosary.


Mantras are a repetition of a sound, phrase. We will learn about "bija" mantra, which is the root, or seed sounds,(for those of you that took the chakra workshop you will find this fun as each bija sound known to correspond to a chakra) as well as common mantras, and specialized mantras if you choose. How to pic one and how to use it with your mala.  


a mala is a srting of bead, in a spicific number and somtimes form, depending on the culture and tradition of the mala. Many common easter mallas are 108 beads, which is mostly what we will be learning with.

You can feel free to bring your mala if you have one.