Indian Mythology and Folklore

with Elsa Wadsworth

We will be embarking on a colorful journey though the epic stories and ancient tales of heros and heroines, gods and goddesses; super human, and animal, though jungles and mountains and oceans. Also we will briefly explore how it relates to the names of certain yoga asanas as well. We may practice a bit of yoga and the asanas of the stories. There will be pictures and music and lots of opportunity to take notes to explore more. 


These stories also help us in gaining an understanding of the way ancient stories shape their culture today. They are all so fun to learn and twist together to weave the imagination into the sagas they portray.


The workshop will last about 3 1/2 hours and you can feel free to bring snacks and beverages, anything to make yourself comfortable. Also, you may want to bring a notebook to doodle or write down questions or further research interests.

$40. $35 for members. Starts at 1 pm. Please Register here. 

You can drop in the day of $50. Space may be limited and spot not guaranteed.


This workshop can be done as a stand alone event, however it is thoughtfully being put together as a base for the crystals workshop and the mantras and malas workshop. Many people have expressed interest in malas and mantras. Japa, working with the sounds, chants, and names, has its roots in many of these stories, so I anticipated the questions that could arise and decided to offer a base learning sesh that will gracefully and seamlessly blend into or work with the malas, and you will have deeper understanding and way to connect with what we will be learning there. Also, the crystals workshop ties in how? All of our malas are hand made and with rocks and minerals ie 'crystals'. Deb will be teaching us what they mean and how to use them so when it comes time to choosing or working with the mala, you will better understand their meanings and your connection to them, and be able to have a wholistic understanding to take into that experience. All the workshops are perfect and complete on their own, but they do support one another, aiming to offer you the best, most educated benifit possible.