With Britta Buckner 

Pilates is a series of slow and controlled movements, with mindful purpose, designed to strengthen our core and improve every day movements. 

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Britta's Classes are now by appointment or pop up times. Please contact us to suggest a time or set up a private or small group practice 

The Art of Pilates

Join Britta as you lengthen, strengthen and tone. This is a totally different way to experience your body and "work out". With using your breath and isometrics, you wont believe how challenged you can be yet how relaxed you can be in your environment at the same time! How is it possible? The art of Pilates with Britta. No experience necessary. 

Principles of Pilates

The principles of Pilates, which include breathing, concentration, centering, flow, precision and control, form the foundation of the method. Concentration, or mindfulness, links these principles together. Its siblings, precision and control, promote movement accuracy and efficiency. These factors distinguish Pilates from other systems. The side leg raise, performed in group exercise classes, might resemble a similar Pilates series, but mindless, momentum-powered leg lifts do not make it so. Some yoga postures also resemble Pilates, but forget about striking a pose in Pilates class. Instead, your body maintains a constant state of motion, with each movement flowing into the next.

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Brief History

Joseph Pilates was the kid whose physical limitations made him your last choice for team sports. Tired of being that kid, he developed an exercise technique that helped him overcome his disabilities. Known as "Contrology," the method that Joe built turned him into a super athlete. Pilates eventually came to New York and opened a studio. After his death, a group of his students, now called Pilates elders or first-generation Pilates teachers, carried out his work. They developed a special terminology based on his writings.