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What to bring/expect:

  • Minnesota incline. This is not a mountainous hike but does get your blood moving, and is uphill.
  • Bring a mat or blanket or both to use to practice and sit on. (Contact us if you need/ don't have, we may have some extras.) 
  • Water 
  • Maybe a back pack for your stuff if you want to be hands free.
  • A snack or picnic meal our beverages, you will not have to carry, and it can be left in your car.
  • Journal or camera
  • It is tick season! Plan accordingly and take precaution.

Google maps does not have a location here yet.... Here is the pinned entrance:


Directions: Follow 82 passed Brophy bay, take a right on 'Brophy landing' road, pass the turn to the boat landing and you will see sign for Lake Brophy county park.

(If you cant find.. you can park in Brophy boat landing access. Walk up to the bike trail and you will see us.)


Yoga Hike

Yoga One has been on the search to find the spot for a yoga hike since Apr of 2016! After scouting many a hills in the surrounding counties, weeds, ivy and ticks ( Thanks to all our scout leaders and pals! ) We found the perfect place! And best part.... its right here under our noses! Ahhh, Alexandria... 

The details

Part 1: We will walk to our first vista and sit for a brief mindfulness meditation, and take in the surroundings. This would be available to anyone and does not include up hill hiking. Part 2: We will Head off path and to our first vista, where we will practice all levels yoga asana lead by Elsa Wadsworth. There will be time for pics and insta yoga selfies ;) Part 3: The deepest incline and high point, we will hike to the top and practice or savasana, or final relaxation there, with a very short meditaion to follow. 

The hike/ walk back is mild and brings us back to our cars and picnic area. There is a campfire and swimming area. Feel free to invite your friends and fam to join after for a picnic and grill out! 

$30 member (make sure to rsvp if not buying on line)

$35 pre register Non member $40 drop in.

Biking option, follow bike trail from Alex, west toward Garfield, to Brophy county Park.