Women's Wellness Day

~ Embrace the beautiful You ~

Join Sarah Eiden your Everyday Doula and Amanda Meyer of Cornerstone Life Essentials as they encourage you to live purposefully, build community, and better your overall wellness.


Embracing the Beautiful You


It is time as women that we understand the importance of regular self care so we can live purposefully and give the best of ourselves to those we love.

Come and join us as we discuss the importance of self care and self love, why our physical health matters and how we can make realistic goals to feel good from the inside out. 

We will spend some time doing yoga, guided reflection and meditation, and building community through group activities and discussion. *Plus door prizes, gift bags, resource guides, and a BIG giveaway! You do not want to miss out!

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Sarah Eiden

 Everyday Doula


Imagine if you could count on that one day a week or month that you knew you would have an extra set of hands. Someone to help you catch up on cleaning or laundry, to prep meals, or simply provide you with the opportunity to take a nap.
We were not designed to do life alone. We were made for community. 
It is ok to have some help so you can be the best version of YOU for those you love!

Hi! My name is Sarah Eiden,
I am a follower of Jesus and an everyday wife and mom
I have been married to my wonderful husband for 11 years and we have five creative and fun loving daughters! 
I enjoy cooking and gardening, am an amateur knitter and one day hope to learn piano and be well practiced in yoga.

I am a mom just like you. I know and understand both the joy and hardship of raising a family and that is what led me to start Everyday Doula.
The word "doula" by definition means "a woman who serves". As your Everyday Doula, my goal is to serve, support, and encourage mothers and women in all stages of life- empowering them to care for themselves and find lasting joy.

Please dress comfortably and bring a friend!


Amanda Meyer

Do you ever wonder if you were meant for more?

Do you ever feel unsatisfied?

Do you struggle to follow through when it comes to making change or reaching your goals?

Most people do – it’s normal.

You see - Life is easy, truly Living is hard.

I know that I want to live hard and embrace all that I am while being purposeful for the One who created me. Through my faith inspired coaching and wellness services I empower women to do exactly that.

You are worthy of being more of you.

My name is Amanda Meyer and I am a daughter of the one true king, a wife, &  a work at home mama. I have 2 beautiful girls (11 & 10), a joyful 7 month old little boy and one typical teenage bonus boy (17). I am a faith inspired Life Coach and Wellness Advocate for Young Living Essential Oils.

I have a huge love for Jesus and more than anything I want to share the Love and Joy He brings me with others.

A little bit about me:

  • I love to cook & bake – BUT I hardly ever follow recipe. My husband and I cook best together.
  • I love to read and study God's Word and share what I learn.
  • Health and Fitness bring me Joy! I am one of the crazies that LOVES to work out.
  • I have a degree in Music - music truly speaks to my heart.
  • My husband is my best friend, spoils me, and pushes me to new levels each day.
  • We have a dream to be fully self-sufficient & environmentally green someday – Earthsheltered home,
  • Solar Panels, Windmills, Greenhouses, chickens and cows anyone? Well… maybe this is more my hubs, but he’s got me on board!

As a family we have been working incredibly hard to become chemically free – whacky label readers! Even my kids read them!

  • I really enjoy personality tests. I love getting to know how we work and where we are gifted.

And Finally - I love building relationships and would love to get to know you and help you find purpose and joy in this incredible life