Rochelle Larson

Yoga One is happy to share and host an honored international guest instructor from London. 

Internationally trained yoga instructor Rochelle Larson joins YOGAONE for one month of exclusive classes.  An Alexandria native, Rochelle completed her yoga training with the acclaimed Ryan Spielman in London.  Currently residing and teaching in London, Rochelle will offer a unique international perspective to your yoga practice.


Better than a Full English Breakfast or a Royal Afternoon Tea, come and practice with renewed spirit.  Or perhaps come and try your first yoga class ever!  All levels and abilities are welcome.  Now is the time to start yoga if you haven't yet!  

"I wish I hadn't done that yoga class" - SAID NO ONE, EVER. 

Don't miss the opportunity to practice with Rochelle!

Class description

 75 minute *London-style* vinyasa flow for all levels with a strong focus on fitness & strength, with options for anyone from beginner to experienced.  In my classes, expect to work the mind-body connection with focus on alignment. You’ll leave feeling stronger physically, with peace and clarity of mind. We will practice a Vinyasa Ashtanga blend of yoga. Expect sun salutations, followed by standing sequences and warrior work, balancing postures, some stretching and finally, of course, relaxation.

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Part of your Yoga One membership!  15$ drop in cash or check only please - Thank you!

Full Class Schedule

Saturday July 29th 9-10:30am

Friday Aug 4th 5:10-6:45pm

Monday July 31 6:30-7:45am 

Fri Aug 4th the 5:10pm

Mon Aug 7th 6:30-7:45AM

Tuesday Aug 8 9-10:15AM

Mon Aug 14th 6:30-7:45am

Saturday Aug 19th **FAIR SPECIAL** 10$ Drop in 9-10:30

Mon Aug 21st 9-10:15AM

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