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 "A funny thing is happening to hypnosis, long a feature of vaudevillian routines: It's becoming respectable, working its way into premier research hospitals, medical  journals, and doctors' offices throughout the US. An increasing number of physicians are using hypnosis to ease patients through childbirth, angioplasty and chemotherapy.  Olympic teams have a hypnotherapist on staff. Superstars like Jack Nicolaus and Tiger Woods routinely use hypnosis. If you have ever read Wayne Dyer, Andrew Weil or watched The Secret; all are the principles of visualization and hypnosis." ~Cathy

Classes work great as a pair but can be done separate. $15

Join us as we are guided through a revitalizing & self healing journey! 

Cathy Webber Zunker

Join us in our excitement in having Cathy Weber- Zunker lead us in deep relaxation and exploration through hypnotherapy.

 The principles of visualization and hypnosis are to propel you to your goals. Those goals might be

1) Physical health 2) Spiritual development 3) Financial abundance 4) Emotional balance; in other words SUCCESS in every area of life. Hypnosis is a deeply focused relaxation state used to better your life. Feel free to ask questions and be ready to relax! 

Session 2) (Sat Nov 5th) Regain and Remember Happiness

 Sometimes day to day life can seem difficult and the repetitive thoughts in our mind can become less-than-empowering. Bringing happy and contended thoughts to the forefront of your mind, creates an empowering mindset.  Through the power of your subconscious mind, this class will summon the positive powerful times of your life, bringing a sense of joy  back to your life. 

(***** Finished ,& was amazing!!  (Session 1) Release and old wound that has been holding you hostage.

 Emotions are held in the body. Even though they are unseen they do NOT go unfelt. This is why negative feelings can accumulate and cause anxiety. Every thought we have affects the body. This make it invaluable to ‘clean house’ on some of the more difficult memories from the past. If you find your mind drifting back to something uncomfortable or something you feel is holding you back in life, then this session is designed for you. First session held on Oct 1st.))