Sip & Savasana

 Beer. Yoga. Yep. That simple. 

Yoga One and Copper Trail Brewing Company have partnered to share this local event. This is a pairing you are sure to remember! 

We will be exploring a few yoga postures as we allow the atmosphere to inspire a fun and laid back way to yoga. No experience required. We will not be 'working out', but looking to explore the balance in two passions, yoga and beer = hoppy yogis! 

It could be a novel experience of mindfulness for the current yoga student, a less pressured way to try or introduce yoga, or a "drinking challenge" add on to the experienced beer practitioner. The depth and complexity is underlying and gives ground to the effervescence that brings that lightness of mind we all crave. 


Not just any beer...

Aromatic locally brewed creations. We will be exploring the mindfulness, creativity and passion of the carefully crafted beers that are Adam and Dave, Copper Trail's founders and brewers. 


Bier Yoga = hoppy yogis!

Starting in Europe, beer yoga has become an international craze. We, your local beer and yoga peeps, have you covered, you're in! We will be "Mindfully" sipping and moving though our yoga with a different "Drishti" !

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