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Healing dance & movement with Jill Goux

Join me for a transformative workshop that blends dance, movement, Reiki and guided meditation into a powerful experience that allows for growth, shift, change and manifestation to occur.

This healing workshop is designed to empower you with new ways to look at your body, mind and spirit through innovative and powerful exercises and activities.  Discover ways to tap into your higher self and inner wisdom.

Come with an open mind and willing spirit, and see what gifts transpires for you!


Jill comes with over 20 year of holistic healing and over 30 years of dance and movement experience. She was recently featured on the cover of Definitive Woman magazine where she will continue to write her inspirational column each quarter.

Explore the magic of JADE (Joyfully Active Dance Experience) that blends the four elements of Earth-Air-Fire-Water into a powerful and transformative dance/movement class. JADE is grounded and intention based and will allow you to explore new ways to move and experience your body, mind and spirit. Afterwards, we’ll move into a guided healing meditation. Everyone will also receive Reiki energy as Jill guides you through a journey to discover inner wisdom, gifts and messages for you to recharge, heal and transform. 

Welcome to Joyful Living with Jill Goux.  All of what I do is connected to ENERGY! (Energy of the earth/environment, and energy in our body, mind and spirit.)  I think of myself as an Energy Renovator as I love to help people find new ways to work with their energetic systems and the energy they live in.  I share all of my knowledge, skills and gifts through a variety of offerings, so people can experience positive changes, growth and transformation in ways that most resonate with them.

As a Master Dowser,  Movement Specialist and Intuitive Energy Practitioner , I love helping people discover more about themselves by understand energy.  My work includes Dowsing homes and business to cure environmental energies, teaching transformational movement classes, guiding group meditations, teaching energetic classes/courses, and working one-on-one by providing intuitive integrative healing sessions.  

Sharing tools and inspiring others to expand into their gifts and talents is what I really enjoy witnessing, and I’m positively honored to be able to assist people on their unique path and journey towards manifesting their best life.



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