Guest Teachers

During the weeks of Oct 17th and Oct 24th , we are happy to host guest teachers as a part of  the Yoga One weekly schedule. Please enjoy and take advantage of their amazing classes! And watch for future workshops! We couldn't be more excited to have these incredible teachers here at yoga one and we hope you join us, in a warm welcome and full classes so they come back! ;) Click their names below to connect to their bios, websites, and more.

wendy billy photo.png

Wendy Billie

Many of you know her from the woman's awakening festival, now join her here in Alexandria for these awesome classes! She is an amazing woman and deep soul. She shines in all she does as an energy coach, yoga teacher and passion enthusiast. 

Monday Oct 17th- Yin Yang:  Feminine “yin” and masculine “yang” are fused in this soft yet enlivening class.  You will ebb and flow between finding flexibility and strength within your body, mind, and spirit.  Class ends with relaxation & guided meditation.  Great for anyone wanting the beauty of yin poses along with traditional yang yoga poses (asanas) mixed in. 3:30pm

Monday Oct 24th-  Hatha Flow:  The traditions of Yoga are rooted in Hatha.  This class focuses on alignment, anatomy, body mechanics, and mindfulness, as it is beautifully combined with Flow, a linking of movements with the breath. Each class ends with a meditation to let all the magic of the class sink into every cell & wisdom within. 3:30pm

Mary Jane Kieth

A former anatomy professor and yoga teacher of 15 yrs, Mary Jane is a wealth of knowledge and resources.

She will be teaching anatomy based vinyasa classes on Friday Oct 21st &28th. Level 1 at 3pm and level 1-2 at 5:10pm.

She also teaches yin and restorative and will be leading wonderful relaxation and deep savasana.

You won't want to miss her dynamic teaching and articulate knowledge of the body and yoga!



Pamela Norris Phillips

You all may recognize her as a new teacher here at Yoga One. These next few weeks are a perfect chance to get to know her! With plenty more class times to choose from, she will be teaching vinyasa for Elsa (Oct 17th-28). So try out someone new, get your vinyasa on and mix up the routine with Pamela's vinyasa flow.