Henna Body Art

We offer chair massage by appointment. Call to set up a time. 925-895-5724.

One on one private, and small group yoga & pilates instruction. 

Wellness is holistic.

Here are some recommended affiliate practitioners in the area that we work with or recommend. 


Chiropractic care- Integrated Health

Full body massage & bodywork-  Living tree 

Certified Clinical Hypnosis- Cathy Weber-Zunker  320-766-8437 www.cathyz.com   

Nature of the soul- One per mo. Gathering                                                                 

Shelly Schulz-Borris  Nationally certified bodyworker for 18 years with expertise in Myofascial Release (MFR) the John F. Barnes approach which she has been using since 2002. 

My intent with my approach through my business of Well-being.us is to give you a safe environment so you can “let go” with ease.  Only you can choose to let go.  You can have treatments for the rest of your life, but the responsibility of letting go is yours.  The MFR therapist does their best to provide a safe place for you to do this, but they cannot choose for you.MFR is not based on thinking.  It based on YOUR FEELINGS and INTUITIONS.  Thinking and studying are not the heart of MFR. The thought is the part that gets in the way of letting go.What one does for the magic to happen is stop doing and start trusting and listening to your inner feeling within the body and its wisdom.  No one knows what’s is going to occur when one “let’s go.”  That why it’s fearful for those have been taught that there is a concrete answer to everything.

It is a journey of exploration that requires you to feel without trying to figure it out.

  • All of us have struggles…
  • Take what works for you and leave the rest…..
  • MFR is about using your inner wisdom. 

Love and Light ~Shelly                                   

Craniosacral Therapy with Brittney Volker 

Naturopathic and Functional medicine- Dynamic Healing Center