Prenatal/Moon Mama Yoga

Prenatal Yoga is a powerful practice for expectant mamas.

Prenatal Yoga is now retiled Moon Mama Yoga to open up and include a wider range of Women. 

Moon Mama Yoga class incorporates nourishing and strengthening poses, opening stretches, relaxing movements, and restorative postures. We will breathe, move, and flow while cultivating a supportive space for all mamas! Gentle and therapeutic touch will be offered throughout the class to promote relaxation and peace of mind. Mamas from all stages of pregnancy, postpartum and beyond are welcome.

Wed 5:10-6:15


 For mamas-to-be this class can be a refuge, their place to indulge in much needed self care, an hour to check in and connect with baby, and a way to receive support and build community with other mamas. Not only this; but practicing prenatal yoga regularly is proven to lessen recovery time after birth, prevent postpartum depression, and helps to strengthen muscles needed for birth.

Things you can look forward to in these classes include nourishing and strengthening poses, opening stretches, relaxing movements, restorative postures, and guided meditation. These classes flow & focuses less on perfecting yoga postures and more on how the postures feel to your unique growing body.

All stages of pregnancy and levels of yoga experience are welcome.

$15 per student per class, walk ins welcome!