The physical lay out of a space can be important for some when venturing out of their routine & comfort zone. Some people who suffer with things such as P.T.S.D. or anxiety and depression can find it helpful to know the layout of the place they are about to enter. If you are having troubles loading the video, this detailed description is for you. 

We are located at 609 1/2 Broadway St. in downtown Alexandria. Our entrance is located at the front of the building. After entering you walk up about 25 stairs to enter the studio. Upon entering and directly in front of you is the reception desk. This is attended by one of our staff, usually Jennifer or Elsa. Part of the reception area includes space for guests and customers to remove their shoes, if attending a class. Also included is a small retail zone with water & tea to drink, if you'd like. Beyond the entry space are two open rooms/spaces including a family space to the left and dressing area to the right, and finally the 'practice space' or studio itself straight ahead. Behind the reception area, in the opposite direction is a small hallway and one public use bathroom. Off of that hallway is our staff kitchenette area. Continuing on past the hallway are two private offices overlooking Broadway St.