The 200 Yoga Teacher Training is an immersive experience aimed for aspiring yoga teachers. You will graduate with a 200 yoga alliance applicable certificate of completion.

2018 Teacher training details and dates are not final as of now, and we are looking to hear from you! 


OUR SYLLABUS: Is aimed to cover not only yoga history and the deep philosophy in a practical and modern way, but to cover alignment in yoga asana (the posture), how to flow and create flow with safety and individuality.  How to use props, sequencing, assists, modifications, how to find your teaching voice and style and how to apply it in the classroom and in the professional world of yoga. We aim to provide a balanced emphasis with a strong understanding of yoga asana. 



  • Mindfulness Training: Learning the basics of mindfulness techniques and practice.
  • Introduction to Asana Alignment and Flow: Practice Yoga Asana. Vinyasa Defined. Five Asana Categories. Types of Yoga. 
  • Intro to Yoga History
  • Yoga Philosophy 
  • Background Fundamentals
  • Kundalini & Chakras
  • Intro to Doshas 
  • Mantras & Malas
  • Props, Hands on Assists 
  • Teach Assist & Lead
  • Teaching Style, Qualities, Branding, Language 
  • Business Aspects of yoga
  • Seva

Training with be lead by Elsa Wadsworth E-RYT 200 and Co-taught by Mary Jane Keith E-RYT 500.

Elsa has 10 + years of teaching experience in many lineages and styles and has taught and studied internationally. 

“There are so many teachers who have inspired me and taught me so much! I look forward to continuing on my path of learning with yoga, and sharing with you! 

I have taken yoga and studied with many different instructors, I love the traditions of ashtanga and Iyengar as well as some truly gifted modern instructors and cultivated  approaches.

I love the study of the body and alignment based structure, and flow.  The unique way each persons body has its way of opening and how we can learn from habits, ‘limitations’ and even injuries is so beautiful. 

In my years of study and practice and trainings I feel like I have experience some that have not worked for me, although we learn so much from every experience.  I wanted to create something with real take away.  I refine this training to cover a range, yet be pointed, so you can be informed and complete with the training. I have learned so much from working with students and from my personal practice, and I look forward to joining and guiding you though this amazing journey and experience."

Mary Jane Keith is a retired anatomy professor and has a 20+ year practice. She is a senior teacher and a wealth of knowledge. She brings us yoga and anatomy from a practical and individual place. 

I am honored to work with her, she is a true resource and her approach is so inspiring and informative. She is a wonderful example of a great instructor, I feel lucky and blessed to be able to study with her, she is at the top of any experience I have had, and on par with the greats out of New York, San Fransisco or any international instructor I have come across. 



We are still caluculating costs for the 2018 yoga teacher training.

To save your spot, we are offering a $500.00 place holder/ pre registration fee. Fee is applied to the final cost of your training and is non refundable. Class space will be kept small, so space will be limited. 

Inquire further to register or to view full syllabus, schedule and curriculum details.