Join us as we gather at the Full Moon in Aquarius. The energy of the full moon is very powerful. The full moon is a time for healing, recharging our Spirit and to enhance your energy. It is a time
to look within our selves, to be centered and calm

The August full moon of Aquarius full brings in the energy to assist us in humanitarian causes and activities. It is a time to exchange with other
individuals. It is challenging us to look at the bigger picture of things. We are asked to look at what needs to be changed in or minds and in our hearts to create a better world for ourselves
and others.
The Full Moon in Aquarius gives us the opportunity of emotional freedom and a chance to make a choice of what we can control through our thoughts and actions.

This full moon’s energy is great for things that involving: mysteries, freedom, personal expression, 
friendships, hopes, dreams, groups and organizations.