Wendy Billy

Wendy brings a holistic approach to her teaching which has been influenced by 20+ years of studying Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Shamanism, Ayurveda, Reconnective Healing & Energy and Spirit Coaching.  Her life's work is to help people to remove energetic blocks so they can live authentic lives.  She creates inspirational clothing & founder of Be You Naturally; an all-natural chakra energy product line & intuitive training.  She is a perpetual student of life’s beauty and through her introspective work she has been guided to her gurus.  She feels blessed to be a guide to others as she leads life changing yoga healing retreats & workshops.  When not on her yoga mat,  she loves to walk in the woods with her dog, beat on the drum in her tipi, and relax with a book.  You can find her full bio at www.wendybillie.com


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The workshop

You will take a deep dive into the energetics of YOU:

* The physical, emotional, & spiritual essences of each of the 7 main chakras.

* How to assess if your chakra energy is deficient, excessive or in balance.

* Breathing & meditation techniques to balance each chakra.

* How to link your body, breath, & intention in tune with nature for radiant energy flow.

* Workshop ends with a chakra yoga practice & group healing.

10am-2pm (bring a sack lunch)

$75 Register Here

No yoga experience needed.