What are the benefits of yoga?

We make no claims, we only have our experiences. That being said, try it for yourself and find out what it is to you. There are many said benefits, some of which include : A disciplined practice is said to :
        Strengthen the body
        Focus the mind
        Decrease anxiety, depression and fear
        Improve sleep
        Boost serotonin levels
        Enhances immune system
        Stabilize blood sugar levels
        Release muscle tension
        Relieve joint pain
        Prevent premature aging and illness
Yoga For Arthritis & Joint Pain
        Provides joint pain relief and increases joint health
        Improves flexibility, function and balance
        Decreases inflammation
Yoga For COPD & Asthma
        Reduces shortness of breath by increasing oxygenation levels and strengthening the respiratory muscles, enhances the respiratory system
        Balances the nervous system
        Provides tools to manage breathing attacks
Yoga For Anxiety & Stress
        Reduces the stress hormone, cortisol, lessening feelings of anxiety
        Lowers blood pressure and helps control respiratory responses, therefore decreasing physiological arousal
        Boosts energy level and decreases fatigue, providing a sense of wellbeing
Yoga For Diabetes & Heart Disease
        Massages the abdominal organs, stimulating the secretion of insulin
        Balances the nervous and circulatory system, facilitating homeostasis (internal equilibrium)
        Decreases stress levels and enhances neurological function

As with any form of discipline or physical fitness, you have to see what works for you, what you like, how it feels over time, etc. You are your own expert, which is part of what we teach in yoga, tuning into yourself.  There are so many factors, so we encourage you to find what works for you. We are a yoga studio! So we have found that it "works" for us and are happy to share it!