What do I wear?

No need to have any fancy outfits, unless of course you want to! It is important to wear what is comfortable, breathable and moveable. Cotton and cotton/spandex blends work well. Sweatpants and t-shirt are OK, no need to wear super tight or binding clothing. However, it is important that the clothes are not too loose or baggy because they can get caught or be in your way. If they are shifting too freely they can leave you feeling distracted and exposed and needing to adjust. Also it is nice for the teacher to be able to see your form, like the backs of your knees as an example, during practice. Yoga pants are good or a loose legging. Form fitted shorts are a good option for men and woman. For your comfort and the comfort of others, if you are wearing shorts, a tank, or bra top, just make sure it will be enough to cover you so no embarrassing moments happen. We want to be respectful to our space and the space we share with others.

What do I bring? 

You don't need anything but yourself! You can bring your own mat if you prefer, water or a light snack for after class. We provide basic yoga mats and props as well as water and tea here for you at the studio. You can bring a towel if you'd like for sweating as we do not provide a towel service.