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108 Salutations to the New Year

  • Yoga One 609 Broadway Street Alexandria, MN, 56308 United States (map)

Ring in the new year and join us in saluting it, with all we have to give! 

This will be a fun and challenging way to gear up and mark the arrival of a new year. There will be different ways to participate and plenty of modifications. 

We will be offering this to meet ourselves in a beautiful, honest and challenging way, a way to represent our cleansing and releasing of ourselves & the year prior. To symbolize and clean the slate. Move out the old energies, reflect on memories and gifts, and prepare for the new year to come with a fresh mind, body, and perspective. It is a physical gesture and offering to the new year and the new you, as well as a symbolic gesture of gratitude and letting go of all that came to us in 2016, all the lessons and all the challenges. It is a time to mark your strength, dedication and surrender to the magnificence that is your life and the fortitude that is required to rise to it! Yoga Nidra to follow. 

This event is offered in conjunction with  Release & Renew, a guided journaling and releasing workshop, marking the end of 2016 and dawning of the new year. However you are welcome to attend all of these events without obligation to attend the other. Pricing adjusted accordingly. 

Why 108?

This event is very meaningful to us at YogaOne and we offer it to you from our hearts. The cost for each individual event is listed below as well as all events taken together. However, we do not want cost to be a barrier for anyone.  Please know that you are welcome no matter your financial means. Simply let us know what you are able to pay or if you would like to help with set up or take down in exchange for attending the event. We truly intend for this to be a community building event and so look forward to spending this time with all who desire to attend. 

108 salutations event $40 or $36 for members. 

Release and Renew Two part workshop.  $40 for just one night. (Part one, Dec21st, or part two, Jan 14th, can be taken individually) $36 for members

$75 for both nights. $70 for members.

Full event with both intentional workshops and 108 salutations + yoga nidra $120 or $108 for members.