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Yoga 101 with Preeti Yonjon

  • YogaOne 609 Broadway st Alexandria United States (map)


My name is Preeti Yonjon Feist, originally from Kathmandu, Nepal. I came to United States as an International student in 2006 and today, I am a proud first-generation immigrant of South Asian Diaspora. I am a lifelong learner of Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda, Gerontology and Social Responsibility, Food Justice and Racial Equity. I am a yoga culture advocate and passionate about social and environmental justice. My passion for yoga started when I was learning Katthak (Tradition Indian Dance Form) at the age of 6. Today my passion led me to get certified as a Traditional Yoga Instructor through Yoga Alliance, USA in Nepal. My Yoga training includes the Theory and Practice of Teaching Ashtanga & Hatha Asanas (postures), Pranayama (breathwork), Mudra-Bandhas (advanced techniques in Hatha Yoga used mainly for culturing of emotions), anatomy, ethics & yoga philosophy. My intention as a yoga teacher is to help you build the relation between body, mind and breaths through traditional, authentic, non-judgmental teaching style and compassion-centered philosophy. Our goal together as a community is to apply the ancient wisdom to our contemporary western world without appropriating the old traditions and values in an appreciative way.  I intentionally combine creative sequencing, various breathing exercises and yogic philosophies that nurtures and yolks our mind and body. I hope that our practice together will promote inclusivity and we all become yoga culture advocates as we step together on and off the yoga space refreshed, nourished, balanced and aware.

YOGA 101- Yoga for All.

This is an introductory class where we will learn about the ancient old tradition of South Asian Diaspora while you yolk your body and mind through easy beginners yoga practice. 

Together we will strive to understand why YOGA is for all and how can we can reap the fruits of this knowledge with honor, appreciation and practice in our day to day lives. The yoga sessions can be modified depending upon where your body is on that day.

The classes are donation based therefore we ask folks to pay based on your income and current situation.

Common sense and common courtesy are the cornerstones of good etiquette in any situation. Add in a healthy dose of respect for the people and places around you and a smidge of kindness and that about covers it. 

●      Arrive on Time 

●      Respect Others' Space 

●     Respect the Teacher

●      Go to the Bathroom Quietly 


How to Prepare:

The beauty of yoga is that it requires very little other than your own body. Preparation is simple, but if you're new, it's always a good idea to get to class a little early to help acclimate yourself to the environment and introduce yourself to the instructor. Here are a few other tips to keep in mind:

●     Familiarize Yourself with Yoga and its meaning 

●     Avoid Heavy Meals Prior to Classes 

●     Touch Base with the Instructor 

●     Be kind to yourself

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Yoga 101 with Preeti Yonjon